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Portable Ultra Short Throw Pro


Use this special application for the Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector “LSPX-P1” to throw your favorite content onto walls, tables, or any other similar surface.This app also enables you to control the projector wirelessly and to project a clock, weather information, or your favorite images and videos.
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• Handy remote controlUse your smartphone as a remote control to change the volume of the built-in speakers and adjust the projector's focus.
• Poster modeProject your favorite content as a poster. Project pre-installed posters, including various clocks, weather information for your current location, or a photo slideshow to match your mood, or project your favorite photos and movies from your smartphone.
• Wireless Unit input controlUse the app to switch the projector to Wireless Unit input.The Wireless Unit (included with the projector) connects to a device with HDMI output, like a set-top box or PC, enabling you to enjoy movies or online content without messing with cables.
• Photo castCast content stored on your smartphone, including private photos and movies, onto the big screen.